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Master Stylist and Owner

Jim Lassak has been turning heads since 1976 when he opened one of the first full-service hair salons in downtown Palm Springs. With national and international experience, training with some of the top names in the beauty business, including Paul Mitchell and his years of experience, Jim is a master stylist known for his color techniques and lifestyle cuts.

Understanding color – how it affects hair texture, reacts to our desert extremes and needs to reflect a lifestyle and personality – is Jim’s specialty. Clients marvel at how he “just knows” what will work. Whether trying to perk up a natural color with highlights or cover unruly grey hair, the master stylist knows how to work with color to get the best effects.

Making statements with cuts and styles has become Jim’s hallmark. After asking a few questions and touching the hair and its texture, his instincts guide him. Clients find that they can have a flattering style that requires little time to manage when it’s done right – by Jim. That’s because hair styling is more than Jim’s “job”, it’s his passion.

The pro is the pro when the pro is on top of his game. Jim makes a point of attending hair shows and consulting with vendors to learn about new and upcoming trends, products and processes – always tweaking his techniques.

Jim welcomes new clients – especially those who think they have unique and special hair challenges. Try to challenge the master, he’ll definitely surprise you!


Hair Stylist and Cosmetologist

Jessie Arujo has the magic touch! Don’t let her quiet approach fool you. Her hands and understanding of personal style transform the ordinary to extraordinary. A hair stylist and cosmetologist, Jessie sets out first to relax and then to excite.

Jessie has been styling hair since she was a young girl. Barbies were her first clients – along with her favorite teddy bear. Since then, Jessie has advanced her skills to hair styling – with a specialty in keratin complex straightening – and skin care.

A hair styling session with Jessie starts with THE BEST scalp massage EVER! She finds the points of tension and relaxes them away as she works to shampoo and moisturize our dry desert hair. Even the comb out is painless and soothing. Jessie works with her clients to understand the look they want, makes recommendations and carefully starts the style process. Time goes by quickly with her easy nature and before you know it, your style is complete and you are relaxed.

Color comes just as easily. Jessie listens, makes recommendations and works to find the right shade that works with your coloring and style. It’s easy to work with Jessie as she makes the process enjoyable while it looks effortless.

She rounds out client services by taking her mastery of touch to skin. From customized facials to waxing, Jessie can provide a one-stop beauty experience. And, when a special occasion comes up and calls for some extra sparkle. Clients absolutely glow after working with Jessie. After all, don’t you deserve it?

Whether you are considering a new look, update or want to be pampered, Jessie’s touch and sense of style will both welcome and transform you from ordinary to extraordinary!


Hair Stylist and Cosmetologist

Mercedes Ayala has been making people beautiful since she was a little girl. She has always loved experimenting with makeup and beauty products and decided early on to pursue a career in beauty. She is a hair stylist and cosmetologist. In fact, makeup is the reason she became a beautician.

Mercedes became a hairstylist and makeup artist to make people feel great about themselves and the way they look – to bring confidence to their lives. After a style or skin care session with her, clients walk away with a renewed sense of confidence in the way they look.

Beauty shows and workshops help Mercedes add to her natural talents in style and color. She is as well-versed in the latest trends as she is in the more traditional approach to hair styles and makeup. And, when the skin is glowing, so is life. That’s why it’s important to her that she offers a complete the beauty experience that includes facials and skin care services to her clients.

Whether you enjoy a facial or wax appointment with Mercedes, have a makeup session for a special occasion (wedding, prom, glamour shots, etc.), add color to try a new look or step out for a new style to make a change to your same old look, the outcome will both inspire and excite you, making you want to come back for more.

Mercedes welcomes you to come in and glam up. You’ll definitely leave inspired!

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